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Rachel Spearman, a silver-spooned millionaire, finds solace in her prearranged fortune and builds an inconceivable logistical agency from the ground up. Snyders incorporation settles in cosmopolitan Georgia, employs 300 employees, and provides an after-school childcare program.

Rachel's dad owned a ranch, which encompassed a vineyard and winery. After his premature death, he willed Rachel all he owned. Her intellect and expertise endowed her with the strength she needed to mask demons from her past, thus creating a wave of indescribable truths, selfishness, arrogance, and harbored bitterness.

Curtis, a God-fearing man and commercial airline pilot, is desperately in love with his wife but becomes exceedingly perplexed as Rachel's questionable attitude and demeanor slope causing undue turmoil in their once blissful marriage, family, and business. Before long, Rachel finds herself in an uncontrollable environment and unwillingly seeks God. She finally establishes her bountiful platform, but once again, a tier of arrogance rears its ugly head, luring Rachel back to her old selfish ways. What will it take to bring Rachel to her knees? Only time will tell. Does she control the stance of her destiny? Or will her destiny be shaken by an unforeseeable manifestation?

BITTER ROOT 2nd Edition EBook format

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