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Storyteller At Heart

Terri, a Christian author, believed the Lord had given her the gift of writing, and she stood destined to tell her stories in memoirs, fiction/nonfiction, and even children's books. 

Even as a young child TERRI told stories with a vivid imagination and shared them with anyone who would listen. Terri developed her storytelling skills and has self-published seven books. In Terri's written works, you will find a piece of her, her pain, guilt, unforgiveness, and her restoration.

The Other Side Of My Prayers is Terri's first work. She shared the hardships she endured during a failed marriage. Terri was heartbroken when her husband announced he no longer wanted to be married. To pull herself back together, Terri sought help from her church. There, she received spiritual counseling, and soon, her life began to turn around.

Confronting The Guilt Of My Past is a story about Terri's teenage to young adult years. This story shares her inability to discern the proper boyfriend or man. As a result of not listening to her mother's wisdom, Terri suffered the consequences that led to dire circumstances. 

Terri focused on many facets that could destroy our bodies in Your Body Is Your Temple. She provided personal experiences, research, and scriptures to endow one's ability to improve their lifestyle.

Bitter Root is one of a two-book series. In this plot, Terri shares her experiences through the character Rachel. The bitterness that Rachel harbored soon consumed her. This character took a long time to realize who God is and how to trust Him. In many instances, Terri has faced the same challenges.

Bitter Root II is book two of the Bitter Root Series. It is in this storyline that Terri reveals more of her heartache through this character Rachel. Although this is a fictional story, Terri appears in every chapter. Many characters depict Terri's real life. And most characters, if not all, had to realize that GOD is in control. 

Where Is Willie is the first book of a series. This children's book paints a picturesque poster of Terri's life as a student and a Special Educational Teacher. Terri suffered from a reading disability while in elementary school. Her mother sought help from a cousin. This tutorship gave Terri hope, and as a result, she prevailed in reading. This engagement with her cousin encouraged Terri to help other struggling students. After her tenure in the military, she chose to be a Special Education Teacher.

DogHouse is a book about domestic violence. It is riveting, troublesome, and sad. Terri's life reflects this story from the beginning to the end. She is a domestic violence survivor. 

Willie's Friends and Foes is book two of The Willie Series. In this story, Terri lived her life again through a little boy who could not choose the right friends. Although this character suffered from a bully in middle school, his life compared to Terri's; she endured bullying in high school.

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