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Your Body is Your Temple (Synopsis)

Pages:  228

Publication:  12/18/2015


    “Your Body is Your Temple” shares countless insights on protecting our bodies as to be a stronger vessel for the Lord.  “Your Body is Your Temple” is Biblical, factual and filled with examples from the author’s personal experiences.  Terri speaks candidly about endless entities that could destroy your body, mind and soul.  She provides beneficial information that will keep your mind-boggling and thoughts racing.   


   From my heart to yours, we only get one body! Take Care of it!  Enjoy this temple you now live in; protect it from sexual immorality that thrusts sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and evil soul ties.  Choose your friends wisely.  There are so-called friends who will suck the life out of you, destroy your reputation, and stifle you with envy and jealousy.  Befriend individuals according to God’s word.  Don’t be a man chaser!  Allow a man to chase and desire you!  Keep your “cookie” until married!  Seeking a husband God’s way will ensure a husband.  Release your fears and choose to believe what The Lord says about you, your circumstances, life, and future.  Fear will tear your body into a million pieces, and if not stopped; will rock your emotions to its core.  Live! Laugh! Dance! Rejoice! For your body is your temple, and it is designed to be used by God!


    Your Body Is Your Temple - Paperback

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