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Pages:  148

Publication Date:  11/29/2014


Confronting the Guilt Of My Past is a prequel to “The Other Side Of My Prayers.”
A memoir that soars with grimacing compulsions, and lethal choices made from a young girl’s early years into adulthood. Sarah constantly found herself struggling with choosing the right path in life to include men. Her inability to discern which man could be the right fit for her led her into a downward spiral of ultimate despair. Battling with making the decision to keep her unborn child overwhelmed Sarah and haunted her for many years.

Her story is riveting, provoking, compelling and serves a twist of fate that destroys the sting of guilt. Sarah’s story shares intimate details and faith for anyone feeling condemned, ashamed, and suffering from a guilty past.

    Confronting The Guilt Of My Past (Paperback)

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