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Pages:  275

Publication Date:  08/19/2019


The saga continues ... Bitter Root II is a Christian novel that exposes the real-life episodes of the characters away from the church.  Rachel Spearman, the main character, walked over others on the way to the top but used her wealth to mask abandonment, the trauma of rape, and demons of the past.  She wreaked havoc to all around her.  Bitterness was at the root of her demise!  

Rachel's conniving ways will cause her to succumb to God and give an account of her life.  But, will she answer the call of God with repentance by turning from her pernicious ways, or will she continue on her destructive path?  The trauma in Rachel's life affected her relationship with those around her, and now she will find herself at the fork of the road.  What direction will she choose?  


    Bitter Root II; The Next Chapter (Paperback)

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