You’re probably thinking to yourself, Now, what is Terri about to say today? I’m glad you asked…My title could be viewed as a metaphor, but ironically it isn’t. You see, we as women do have the capability of putting our male counterparts on pause, especially when we snap or give them the evil eye for some comment or action they may have emitted.

But the truth of the matter is, we, and I’m talking about women, need to really dig deep and get in touch with our inner self. The inner you, the inner me project feelings such as sadness, happiness, excessive anger, calm or whatever emotion that seems plausible at the moment. At times, we never know which one we will face on any given day, and that scenario is certain especially if you are experiencing menopause.

Trust me, Sisters, those emotions mentioned above are enough to make any man pause; yes ma’am, it will stop him dead in his tracks.

Ladies, believe it or not, you will face menopause sometime in this earthly temple if time permits. Don’t be fooled. Our clocks are ticking, and there is nothing wrong with that – nothing to be ashamed of. That is how our Father designed our bodies. I’m glad He did. Who wants to walk around all of their lives nursing a baby? I don’t! Whew, I have so much to say about this topic, but I’ll try to keep it as simple and as factual as I can. Bear with me.

Let’s talk about symptoms of menopause, and how it can alienate our husbands if we are not careful.

Have you ever, been alone, and found yourself crying for no reason? Any little thing or thought can send our emotions whirling out of control. And when asked by our significant other, “What’s wrong,” We may give them a side glance and bawl even more. The ugly thing about this emotion is, you can’t explain the tears, they flow so freely as if they were prompt to do so. Because of our sensitive selves, our husbands will stand in a defensive position. Their arms are raised upward, shoulders shrugged, saying to themselves, "What did I do, or What can I do to make you feel better?” If there was absolutely nothing to spark this emotion of sadness, and you are around 45 – 50 give or take, trust me it is menopause.

Anger - now, when I mention this seemingly hostile emotion, I’m talking about excessive anger. This emotion will make you say some things or do some things that you will regret later. But the crux of the matter is, we are not in tune with our bodies. For if we were, we would realize why we are angry. This type of mood spawned from menopause is hostile in that, you sit and wait, daring anyone or anything to cross a particular line. Because if they do, all that heat you have pinned up inside will release itself, and whoever or whatever is in the midst will be doused with unpleasant flagrancies that we cannot take back. Forty-five, fifty, fifty-five, sixty, if you are experiencing this type of mood swing for no apparent reason, then it is menopause, my sister.

Now, at this point, our husbands are in a stance, with probably this expression, “Wow, who peed in her coffee, or I can’t take too much of this!” Even if you are single, men folk flee from women who exhibit outburst of anger or who are seemingly too sensitive for no apparent reason.


1. Some symptoms to look out for as we age, are hot flashes, feeling moody, low libido, weight gain, drier skin, thinning hair. These symptoms will occur in most women, but not all. Each woman’s body is different.

So, you may ask, “Terri how can I subdue these uncomfortable symptoms?” I’m not a doctor, but I have experienced some of the symptoms. What I suggest to you is, contact your doctor and discuss what is best for you, remember, each woman is different. My intent here is to let you know that you are not alone and there is help. Become knowledgeable about going through the change. Don’t fight it, it is inevitable. God created it for our good, and He has the answers on how to deal with it.

The Lord has shown me so many ways to deal with menopausal symptoms. When I am sad for no reason, I pray and then I put on some good old praise and worship music. When I am angry for no reason, He reminds me of my hormonal change. Again, I whisper a prayer, and find something enjoyable to change my mood. I've gained weight as I'm sure some of us have, nonetheless, I make sure that after I feed my spiritual man, I take care of this temple. About three days a week, for about an hour, I work out at the gym. I work out at my own pace. You don't have to work out for hours on end. Just do a little bit at the time. You will feel better.

Sometimes, I can be sitting just as cool as a cucumber, and all of a sudden, I would get so hot! And mind you, during this intense heat, I’m sweating, my emotions soar. It is then that Christ reminds me, “It’s only hot flashes, get a glass of cold water and drink.” When I hear His voice, that small still voice, I calm down and do as He says…and soon it’s over.

David knows what I am going through. He sees me turn red, he witnesses my mood change. He is not a man on pause anymore, for he has read about my body and how it will go through these changes in life. So, I suggest to you, notice your body and how it is changing, and gain the information needed to explain the changes you are experiencing. Talk to your husband, fiancé, relatives, and others important to you. If you feel like sharing after you have become knowledgeable, then share. The point I’m trying to relay is, you want to take control of our friend menopause as to remove the heat off of our ‘men on pause.’ Have a Blessed week! Remember, God created us. He knows every

of our being. Pray and ask Him to give you relief, and He will!



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