Your Body Is Your Temple

Your Body is Your Temple


    “Your Body is Your Temple” shares countless insights on protecting our bodies as to be a stronger vessel for the Lord.  “Your Body is Your Temple” is Biblical, factual and filled with examples from the author’s personal experiences.  Terri speaks candidly about endless entities that could destroy your body, mind and soul.  She provides beneficial information that will keep your mind-boggling and thoughts racing.   


   From my heart to yours, we only get one body! Take Care of it!  Enjoy this temple you now live in; protect it from sexual immorality that thrusts sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies and evil soul ties.  Choose your friends wisely.  There are so-called friends who will suck the life out of you, destroy your reputation, and stifle you with envy and jealousy.  Befriend individuals according to God’s word.  Don’t be a man chaser!  Allow a man to chase and desire you!  Keep your “cookie” until married!  Seeking a husband God’s way will ensure a husband.  Release your fears and choose to believe what The Lord says about you, your circumstances, life, and future.  Fear will tear your body into a million pieces, and if not stopped; will rock your emotions to its core.  Live! Laugh! Dance! Rejoice! For your body is your temple, and it is designed to be used by God!

Confronting The Guilt Of My Past

A Story About Self-Condemnation and Deliverance


Confronting The Guilt Of My Past, A True Story Confronting the Guilt Of My Past is a prequel to “The Other Side Of My Prayers.” A memoir that soars with grimacing compulsions, and lethal choices made from a young girl’s early years into adulthood. Sarah constantly found herself struggling with choosing the right path in life to include men. Her inability to discern which man could be the right fit for her led her into a downward spiral of ultimate despair. Battling with making the decision to keep her unborn child overwhelmed Sarah and haunted her for many years. Her story is riveting, provoking, compelling and serves a twist of fate that destroys the sting of guilt. Sarah’s story shares intimate details and faith for anyone feeling condemned, ashamed, and suffering from a guilty past.

The Other Side Of My Prayers

A Story About Pain, Love, Healing, and Restoration

The Other Side of My Prayers is based on a true story. Prayer is powerful; it is the ultimate way to talk with God. Through prayer, God allows us to make our requests known, repent, and receive His Son. According to God’s will, He grants us the desires of our hearts. Sometimes, for our good, God does say no. That is only because He loves us, and knows what the future holds. Sarah realized the mighty power of prayer throughout her life’s struggles and hardships. She fell on her knees often to talk to God about the difficulties she experienced. However, Sarah did not like some of God’s responses and took life on alone. During those instances, her life spiraled into unnecessary despair. Struggle after struggle found Sarah, and deemed to destroy her. Within 11 months, Sarah lost her brother, mother, and discovered her husband’s unfaithfulness. These life’s challenges sent Sarah plummeting with no hope. Sarah’s ultimate faith, prayers, and final obedience to God finally led her on a road that some could only fathom in their wildest dreams. Read Sarah’s true struggles and witness God’s healing and restoration bestowed in Sarah’s life.




Be careful of haughty eyes, unforgiveness, questioning past hurts and pain. 


Rachel Spearman, a silver spooned millionaire, finds solace in her prearranged fortune and built an inconceivable logistical agency from the ground up.  Snyders incorporation settles in cosmopolitan Georgia and employs 300 employees and provides an after-school childcare program.

Rachel's dad owned a ranch, which encompassed a vineyard and winery.  After his premature death, he willed Rachel all he owned.  Her intellect and expertise endowed her with the strength she needed to mask demons from her past, thus creating a wave of indescribable truths, selfishness, arrogance and harbored bitterness.  

Curtis, a God fearing man and commercial airline pilot is desperately in love with his wife but becomes exceedingly perplexed as Rachel's questionable attitude and demeanor slope causing undo turmoil on their once blissful marriage, family, and business.  Before long, Rachel finds herself in an uncontrollable environment and unwillingly seeks God.  She finally establishes her bountiful platform but once again, a tier of arrogance rears its ugly head luring Rachel back to her old selfish ways.  What will it take to bring Rachel to her knees?  Only time will tell.  Does she control the stance of her destiny?  Or, will her destiny be shaken from an unforeseeable manifestation?

The saga continues...Bitter Root II is a Christian novel that exposes the real-life episodes of the  characters away from the church.  Rachel Spearman, the main character, walked over others on the way to the top but used her wealth to mask abandonment, the trauma of rape, and demons of the past.  She wreaked havoc to all around her.  Bitterness was at the root of her demise.  

Rachel's conniving ways will cause her to succumb to God and give an account of her life.  But, will she answer the call of God with repentance by turning from her pernicious ways, or will she continue on her destructive path?  The trauma in Rachel's life affected her relationship with those around her, and now she will find herself at the fork of the road.  What direction will she choose?

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